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Learn all about Bionik Performance Nutrition , and why we the right Performance nutrition service for you. Bionik Performance Nutrition has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding nutrition. Wehave tried to answer all of your inquiries, but if there is something that was missed, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Credit Card Purchase

What forms of payment does Bionik Performance Nutrition take?

Our service is a monthly subscription package, when you sign up your first payment is immediately debited using your card details. Your future payments will be taken on the same day each month. 

Digital Contract

Is there a contract I'm tied into?

Our service has no contractual period. You can utilise our service as long as you want to keep access to it. It can be cancelled at anytime by logging into your account, however once a payment for a month is taken it can not be refunded. 

Video Consultation

How will I receive support?

We provide comprehensive help and support throughout your programme with us. We can provide this support using whatever media suits you. Some common choices people use when working with us are: Telephone calls, zoom meetings, whatsapp messaging and voice notes. We are happy to accomodate however best suits your needs. 

Working Together on Project

Who will I be working with?

We have a range of coaches to support your needs. All of our coaches are fully qualified and trained to the highest level in nutrition and in supporting your needs. We believe your relationship with your coach has great importance and gives huge input into the results your choose and a result of this try to pair you with the best coach to suit your personal needs.

App Developer

How is my programme bespoke to me?

We don't believe in and provide none personalised programming. For optimal results a standardised diet will not be effective. As a result of this we perform a multi stage consultation process to ensure all your needs are being met with your programming. This process starts with a question based consultation form, then once this has been submitted and analysed, a call can be scheduled to discuss further needs prior to your programme design.


Can I upgrade my membership type?

Yes, at any point your membership can be upgraded to receive more enhanced support to help get you to your goal and optimise your nutrition and training. Just contact your coach directly and let them know your plans

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